My Story

How I Learned The Money Game

At age nine, I received a significant gift of money from relatives for my Holy Communion. As a child, I was not allowed to spend it. Then, unexpectedly The Berlin Wall came down and two years later the Soviet Union collapsed. I was 12 years old and 600% inflation hit Poland. All of my savings lost their value. My parents lost their life savings and gave up on their dreams. So, understanding money and finances became a passion.

(By the way, finance is just a fancy word that means “Managing money and assets.” So when someone talks about finance, they are simply talking about managing money and other assets).

As a child I knew, I wanted to have a better life, and I knew I didn’t want to be financially dependent on someone. Life was not easy. To be able to go to the cinema, I had to earn money. I started working during the summer holidays when I was 16. I did extra work while attending university. When I got my first job, I didn’t know how I would make a living in a big city.

My turning point was when I was 31 years old, I became a mum. My husband and I didn’t have enough money for buying toys or nice children’s clothes. I knew I wanted a better life for my child.

I set down with my husband and we wrote down the amount of money we wanted on a post-it note and put the note on the wall in our living room. I started with the first spreadsheet for income and expenses. The expense sheet allowed me to see where we could save money. (I was buying ice-cream, and I could use that money for savings or to buy good shoes for my job).

Within two years after starting savings, I was able to make my first real estate investment.

For the first time in my life, I received money without working for it 40 hours a week. I read tons of books, did training, and created my 16 years plan. I started to encourage people from my community, motivated by my actions, to boost their finances too.

I transformed my limiting beliefs of not deserving an abundant life and I started to dream big. I understood how money works. Today I know that a transformation like mine can be done faster and now I help professional women to create their path to financial security, independence, and freedom.

I have now been an investor for over eight years. My husband became an investor too. If you’d like to learn how to take control over your finances, get confidence in money decisions, and architect your life, join me for my Gain Confidence And Control Over Your Finances in 90 Days Program. You don’t have to depend on others. (And you can even teach your children about money to ensure their better financial future).

Here’s What Some Of My Clients Say

“I am glad that I started this coaching with Jolanta, this are not only numbers and financial language it’s a way of living and setting goals for yourself and my loved ones, and so much more,..This sentences came up to me by working on my budget file: Creating foundation for a better prosperous life, creates stability, self confidence, being in control of own life not led by others, passing knowledge on to children so they can get a good start foundation in life. Setting goals, working towards dreams gives a direction and purpose in life.”

Alexandra Wijckmans

“Financial wellness is how I would like to call it. Each individual has to be Financially well. It is really important aspect. When we talk about abundance of wealth not all of get to feel the complete Abundance. The 1st thing that comes to our mind is the lack of wealth. While this is a psychologically blockage that stops you for receiving the power of wealth. The curious part is awareness of Wealth. In simple term knowing what is Money and how to handle it.

Jolanta’s session made me touch some blind spot which created awareness about money and how you past is so connect with it.

The Bridging between the past and future awareness was the most interesting part I cherished during our connect.

This gave me the confidence to think about my finance, I was able to self learn a lot of aspect that involves money and now raised up to a level of filing my own Tax returns.

This is a great milestone to start with my Financial planning and own the development journey. Thank you Jolanta for a wonderful and close to heart to session.

As a Psychologist this session indeed was an eye opener and definitely taking back a lot knowledge that I would like to spread to my clients as well. Cheers”

Hemasri B – Psychologist, Counsellor, Therapist, and an Alpha Siddha.