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  • Get clarity on your financial goals and dreams
  • Uncover your biggest financial challenges and we will create a strategy plan so you can overcome them
  • Gain confidence over your finances and feel like you are in control of your financial future
  • Receive valuable resources that simply explain financial terms, so you can feel confident about money and finances

Spots are LIMITED. I do all of these sessions myself, and I am very busy. So there are only 3 sessions available each week.

To schedule your FREE Strategy Session, click on my calendar below and schedule your session now.

Here’s What Some Of My Clients Say

“I am glad that I started this coaching with Jolanta, this are not only numbers and financial language it’s a way of living and setting goals for yourself and my loved ones, and so much more,..This sentences came up to me by working on my budget file: Creating foundation for a better prosperous life, creates stability, self confidence, being in control of own life not led by others, passing knowledge on to children so they can get a good start foundation in life. Setting goals, working towards dreams gives a direction and purpose in life.”

Alexandra Wijckmans

“Financial wellness is how I would like to call it. Each individual has to be Financially well. It is really important aspect. When we talk about abundance of wealth not all of get to feel the complete Abundance. The 1st thing that comes to our mind is the lack of wealth. While this is a psychologically blockage that stops you for receiving the power of wealth. The curious part is awareness of Wealth. In simple term knowing what is Money and how to handle it.

Jolanta’s session made me touch some blind spot which created awareness about money and how you past is so connect with it.

The Bridging between the past and future awareness was the most interesting part I cherished during our connect.

This gave me the confidence to think about my finance, I was able to self learn a lot of aspect that involves money and now raised up to a level of filing my own Tax returns.

This is a great milestone to start with my Financial planning and own the development journey. Thank you Jolanta for a wonderful and close to heart to session.

As a Psychologist this session indeed was an eye opener and definitely taking back a lot knowledge that I would like to spread to my clients as well. Cheers”

Hemasri B – Psychologist, Counsellor, Therapist, and an Alpha Siddha.